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Guy Maddin and My Winnipeg September 26, 2008

Posted by alexfitch in Podcast.

Electric Sheep podcast: Guy Maddin and My Winnipeg

An episode of The Electric Sheep Magazine Podcast – Alex Fitch talks to Guy Maddin about his new film “My Winnipeg” and about his career so far from Tales of the Gimli Hospital to The Saddest music in the world. Alex also talks to former Winnipeg resident Kinga P about her experience of growing up in the city when she moved there as a 12 year old from Warsaw.
You can stream the show by clicking here and pressing the play button or right click here to save the mp3 file direct to your computer… (mp3 format, 41mins / 39.1mb)
Alex Fitch and Guy MaddinThe Guy Maddin interview is also available as a video podcast and print transcript

Links: Electric Sheep Magazine
IMDb and wikipedia pages on My Winnipeg
Kinga’s blog
Transcript of Alex’s interview with Guy Maddin + Alex’s article on the film and the director’s career
Alex’s interview with Cecilia Araneda, director of the Winnipeg Film Group

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