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Sunday Shock Therapy: Revisiting the Superhero Apocalypse! March 13, 2009

Posted by alexfitch in Screening.
Evil Brain from Outer Space (from Something Weird Video)

Evil Brain from Outer Space (from Something Weird Video)

This Sunday (15/03/09) at “Vibe Live” above the Vibe Bar at 91 Brick Lane, London E1 6QL, Electric Sheep Magazine is proud to present our FREE quarterly screening event to help promote the new print issue of the magazine. To compliment and offer alternate programming to the apocalyptic superhero movie currently in UK cinemas, Electric Sheep Magazine offers diverting afternoon entertainment, which includes an offbeat superhero movie and an apocalyptic short!

Evil Brain from Outer Space [Sūpā Jaiantsu – Uchū Kaijin Shutsugen]…features the final exploits of Japanese Superhero Starman in a mission to save the Earth from a marauding brainlike alien creature created by a mad scientist with the help of an alien army!
78 mins, black and white, 1964
(with thanks to Something Weird for permission to show the film)

The End is Cow…is a new short comedy film about mankind being threatened by an invasion of cephalopods cows who want to destroy us with their evil lactation!
[Cast and crew will be in attendance]
30 min, colour, 2008

Doors open at 2pm with music from DJ Lucky Cat and a stall selling London Underground Comics (featuring the work of Oli Smith and Emma Price) + comics by Tom Humberstone and Mark Stafford…
What else are you going to do on a cold Sunday afternoon in East London?
The first 10 people in get a free copy of the new issue of Electric Sheep! You will also have the possibility of winning a year’s subscription to the magazine!

In association with: Electric Sheep Magazine logo



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